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So @TheJamieFox captured this awesome moment from my stream yesterday... Cant think of a good caption so i'll lea…
@LifeNotAGamePod @AvaGG @VellyCardwell @erinasimon This was such a fun podcast to be a part of! Thank you for having me. ❤️❤️
RT @LifeNotAGamePod: 🚨Ep.2: "Life as a Streamer" is available!🚨 Guests @Mae & @AvaGG chat with @VellyCardwell, @erinasimon about the ups/…
@JERICHO Mostly stuff from the noir due blanc label
hackers in this game are getting mad lazy dude. wtf LOL
@GibiOfficial ohh really?? which ones have you used? they're having a sale rn and kinda tempted to just buy a ton.
PSA careful of this wall by bonezone. You will get stuck and become the sacrificial lamb for the team LOL
RT @CatchMeStreamin: Happening today @ 11am PT! Music + Gaming take center stage, joining forces for #GivingTuesday.
@JERICHO You needed to be nerfed. You with facial hair would be unstoppable.