midwingba (@midwingba)

People pretending that VDB doesn't deserve to start because he hasn't been flawless in his once in a blue moon star… https://t.co/SSI4HSuBnP
@FourFourJordan When was the last time Fred dropped a 7/10?
@fazanUXC Nah I've already taken a -8 hit 💀
Finally fucked The Big Shaw off and took a few gambles. No players from tomorrow's or Monday's fixtures either. Wil… https://t.co/qkMuj06fkR
@Chris10i Never got the fuss about him
@SAMlR2SHIESTY Rashford is shit bro, Elanga is better than him already
Hope everyone's having a good time. Dan James has now gone 24 days without scoring a goal for Leeds United. Hope this helps
Definitely getting a penalty tomorrow after all the fuss that's been made. Envisioning a Ronaldo hat-trick.
No Dean Henderson in goal and this lot finally kept a clean sheet. Interesting. https://t.co/PqU03lDsLy
This season of Ted Lasso has been kinda underwhelming but the latest episode was class. Hopefully a strong end with just two episodes left.
Are you talking about the current Champions of Europe? Yeah, please let me know when Ole wins us the CL to make up… https://t.co/FFX8Z17dyS
Bayern just scored instead. Seems like they didn't get the memo.
Pavard sent off. Expecting Bayern to go 5 at the back now, take every single forward off, allow 19 shots from Greut… https://t.co/x4CTG1Wj9f
Oldham Leicester City Everton Osasuna Udinese Tottenham Hotspur https://t.co/qWgGGHPhq4
Starting the 1st of January, 2000 mankind entered the 21st century. What was deemed acceptable in the 20th century… https://t.co/Ya50ootooZ
@st5555555557 All I can remember is that one cross for Lingard's goal against Chelsea
@st5555555557 No, it's a horrific take. We've genuinely had the likes of Tyler Blackett and Borthwick-Jackson as ou… https://t.co/JD11lth2zJ
Sometimes I really wish I didn't support this club because these guys genuinely deserve a trophyless run like that… https://t.co/C6vwdSAkP8
@Chris10i Why do you think Messi left?