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@GOPLeader Dear Kevin, It would be great if you would support democracy.
@ThePatsGazette Your publication's name is missing an apostrophe.
@ACTBrigitte If you are embarrassed that a good man with a speech impediment is president, but you were cool with t…
RT @NycsonaPryanka: It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. ~ Aristotle Critical thinki…
New to MNT: Ever wonder how it's possible that so many Americans believe so much complete nonsense? @NycsonaPryanka
@thehill @SenTedCruz Ted Cruz is the disgrace, and a few other things.
@maggieNYT I am sure he will get a very warm welcome. (That's called sarcasm. New Yorkers know it well.)
@POTUS @SenSchumer Good job. Now stop trying to make friends with Republicans. There is nothing you can do that wil…
@KingRezizt "If you come for the King, you best not miss!"
@SenTedCruz Ted Cruz's opinion on COVID relief is as irrelevant as he is. Go back to Mexico, Ted. Nobody wants you…
@KingRezizt Long live the King!
@kylegriffin1 Let me guess. No Republicans voted for it?
@GOPLeader How about your support our democracy instead? Try that for once.
@4lisaguerrero What's not to love? Best place I've ever lived.