pissedofftwood (@pissedofftwood)

@kiIIashaw Nope was off the next day, drink a ton of fluids tomorrow
@kiIIashaw It’s how I felt too but just for a day
@kiIIashaw It don’t last that long, you gonna be ok
@JustGinaMMA Either that or got scared he was gonna miss out on that big payday by Conor pullin out lol
@horrormoviebtch Her voice was amazing & sound is catchy even if you don’t understand it all
@RawrEWreckz Bro them shits UGLY already then they had to add that strap too...kids pay anything for ugly sneaker these days tho.
@101_uncle Watched Tavares vs Izzy live at the Palms...and Izzy put it on him, wish they still did fights at that l… https://t.co/jhFYJkTKnQ
@DarylDaGoat Yeah you right... I forget he also been covering nba games