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@mrigankanath_ Thank you, Mriganka! 🙂 best of luck in the competitions!
I have a lot on my plate at the moment, and it is probably more reasonable for me to not take part in this competit… https://t.co/DNHBNMQEZY
What if I told you: ✅ there exists a challenge on tabular data that is underway (10 more days to go) ✅ where the s… https://t.co/Opz9fD0Mvk
@1littlecoder Thank you! 🙂 Very glad you found the thread a good read 🙌
@AnindaGoswamy Thank you, Aninda! Appreciate it! 🙂
@outlieranalysis Thank you & well spotted 🙂 an instance of weak labeling encountered in the wild 😁
@arunprakashml Thank you, Arun! 🙏 And thank you so much again for letting me know about @Unearthed_S and all the ot… https://t.co/uXiOGWgEkX
Congrats to the winners, well deserved! Big thank you to @cbhgroup for sponsoring such an interesting challenge th… https://t.co/nmXMiqaF2p
And the competition posed a very interesting engineering challenge — what is the best solution you can come up with… https://t.co/tQIXSD48wB
But it was a narrow miss 🙂 The more important part of the story here is how cool @Unearthed_S is 🙂 You get to t… https://t.co/ub5KO8csso
was to train as good a classifier as possible and post process the results. Here is where I think I could have don… https://t.co/dLArFghKCj
an ensemble of snapshot ensembles of four models trained with custom (@fastdotai 😎) heads using custom learning rat… https://t.co/s6MgqrlyQs
Here are some of the things I tired: ✅ training with various loses ✅ framing the problem as detection vs classific… https://t.co/kiOwZ7ploU
I learned about the competition from @arunprakashml 🙏 In the competition, I followed the advice from @ph_singer t… https://t.co/tp08VrRxNW
This is what happened not too long ago 🙂 🏆 The 2nd place is bittersweet — I was hoping for a 1st place to use in… https://t.co/17RX9fQVdQ
@bhutanisanyam1 @h2oai Huge news! 🤞(and taming my curiosity 😉) for whatever comes next! 🙂
RT @jeremyphoward: Honestly as long as you don't care that kids still can't get the vaccine and that vaccinated adults can infect them and…
The good thing about taking notes is that it is not a big deal if someone else has done it before 🙂 You still lear… https://t.co/Unqc7Px9Qk
📺 20 Years of Tech Startup Experience by @jeremyphoward This was so good 🤗 So many insights and anecdotes shared i… https://t.co/UTETOcHx5f