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RT @RosemaryWardley: Lots of time being part of the larger @Disney/ @espnW brand doesn’t impact me too much at work, but being able to part…
@katie_barnes3 Thank you for a truly enjoyable conversation.
@blgtylr I did not know any of this was going on. I'm not surprised but I didn't know.
@blgtylr Listen. My mouth is agape.
@blgtylr Jesus be an oxygen cannister
@blgtylr Sir. Have you read
@debbiemillman it's official today?
Why is he obsessed with cancel culture while being the highest paid comedian in the world? Make this math work. https://t.co/lkNNLXKwH3
@carmenmmachado It's a terrible idea! Which I've written about. But I cannot believe this discourse is happening.
RT @natgeodocs: Join #RiseAgain: Tulsa and the Red Summer producer/director @dawnporter and contributing reporter @DeNeenLBrown tomorrow fo…
@votecumby @SorayaMcDonald She is doing great work. I am always just struck by how massively wealthy billionaires are.
@SorayaMcDonald The thing that always gets me is that this is incredible but she's also still obscenely wealthy. It's pocket change!
(I know how to get tickets, guys. I do. And I often get comped. It's a principle thing, not about me but about the… https://t.co/PaSvVg62Jm
I am frustrated because this is a legit barrier for a lot of people. A third of the ticket price in fees? Your inte… https://t.co/LSnPNZLxo6
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