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@dlbowman76 There is something for everyone with his work :-)
My article on the great daft genius Ivor Cutler has just gone online courtesy of Borderless Journal. Five of his so… https://t.co/sH3jjCF4sH
Three of my animal poems have just gone online at Borderless Journal. One is about a cat, one is about a kangaroo,… https://t.co/0laGXCSoK2
@dlbowman76 The 5th film on your list is being remade in Kampala. Everyone benefits. Because what's good for Mabuse is good for Uganda
@dlbowman76 Best thing is to suppose it's not personally directed against you -- until you have evidence that it is
The Jazz Hands Pterodactyl. "Mammy, hows I loves ya, how I loves ya, my dear ol' mammy..." 🎵🎶 #songs #dinosaurshttps://t.co/CmhMdocsW6
@dlbowman76 It's making an assumption without enough data. Maybe something serious has happened in their lives and… https://t.co/zbMgZMdpDl
@elsewhenpress @TanyaReimer Brilliant! The devils and angels motif works wonderfully!
RT @elsewhenpress: All jolly good books of course! Although I may be biased 🤔 https://t.co/jlQjYR7Ilr
@elsewhenpress Escherwhen Press? 😊
Amazon recommends my own book to me. I don't mind 😊 (And the publisher is a really excellent publishing house -- ju… https://t.co/J4lJudRzF6
RT @MaitreyiKarnoor: This just arrived from Canada!!! It's the second time I'm in the Anthology of the Montreal International Poetry Prize…
@dlbowman76 Those guys are horrendous
"This is my daughter Beth." "What's Beth short for?" "Because she's three years old." #short #names #reasons
Today is the day that my new book STUDENTS OF MYSELF is officially launched. Very pleased with this one! 😊 The eboo… https://t.co/aKO2g6QmcY
RT @elsewhenpress: Out today in eBook from @rhysaurus https://t.co/n7yVCwTfkH There are few students in my class. When one considers wha…
@dlbowman76 Jack Vance's 'Dying Earth' sequence is superb
RT @MaitreyiKarnoor: He dedicated the book to me and I blurbed it for him. Talk of keeping business in the family! 😁😁😁 https://t.co/tozNh0f