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I forgot that Carrie Coon was already in the MCU...😶 https://t.co/xkHLtpjNiX
Give Carrie Coon a Marvel series! https://t.co/tQNMbCrkua
Give Carrie Coon a Marvel series! https://t.co/tQNMbCrkua
Everything about this is perfect. A Star is Born. Fake audience reactions. CAMP https://t.co/kR2VLFcN5V
RT @sternbergh: This Is Just To Say I tried to favorite that tweet you deleted a second ago and which you apparently regretted it was her…
Has hand sanitizer prevented a single transmission of COVID-19?
“Disney+ putting a disclaimer on then muppets is how Tr*mp wins again”
I thought I discovered a love of cooking during the pandemic but it turns out I was just unemployed
There is a difference between feeling broke and being broke. https://t.co/0xxWauX6jx
Love that Chloé Zhao gave a #GoldenGlobes acceptance speech through her built-in MacBook Pro camera
Anya being pronounced Anne-ya Taylor Joy is a twist #GoldenGlobes
Wild that just a few years ago Jodie Foster made a point of not coming out during a Golden Globes speech to appeari… https://t.co/1ojotOVMhs
@AlisonLeiby You could try chromecasting from a phone or iPad? No ideal
RT @rising: Lysistrata except everyone withholds sex from people who don't believe in vaccines.
Is @slpng_giants focused on Daily Wire at all? Disgusting rhetoric against trans people. (As expected, it’s always… https://t.co/qwXXf8UIbQ