sawneybean22 (@sawneybean22)

@mitskieren we got nice taste 🤑
@advitreides fr felt my mind expand a lil every episode
i remember going into Dark blind, didn't know a thing about it. imagine my surprise 💀 crazy how the show intricatel…
@mitskieren i like the panel cos the next chapters set them up 🥸
@mitskieren i'll be live tweeting from the airport no worries 🤓
@mitskieren i'm heading to the airport when aot drops 💀
at a birthday party for our boss. very uncomfortable with the energy we have created in the studio today😃
baby eren rumbling is top 1 images on the internet btw
now how the heck is it already december of 2021 what even happened this year what is time
ratioed this little boy & now he's threatening mass extinction 😂😂 y'all minors so annoying fr
@fiincheresque i'm looking forward to starting it even more so now 🙏
@fiincheresque no way i haven't started season 3 yet but they really leaned into tom & greg omfg😭
hayashi cares so much god bless. I just know grisha-zeke-eren will hit hard. paths is gonna be surreal can't wait 😪😪