schwi_riku (@schwi_riku)

@SDi_abeo im not gonna be butthurt that ur not watching the stream bruh but i mean what did you expect from local commentary
@SDi_abeo is this an nxt commentary subtweet
@cleardotjpg @ssbNoble i can also confirm my epic piledrive and your head buried in solid concrete
@Bluxious1 bluxious hbox win will mean nothing by tuesday midnight
@shaftyad3 @HAWTLAVf "son, the fuck are you on about"
@HAWTLAVf okay i didnt know you played tackle football i went off the one time i saw. youre defiently in the bribe…
@Bluxious1 save the imagination for therapy
@SDi_abeo unironically tho i think we would go even or at worst youd have a winning record. youve been improving a lot
@D2daMK you can dash attack me irl guy
@Aerodusk and i can do it to
@nemesis_wpb @Aerodusk and then we'll tie that way we dont embarrass you in front of your fans
@Maybe_Dominator fist fight i mean but yes