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RT @chrishayre: Next Monday night at SoFi Stadium will be the first Raiders-Chargers matchup since Dec. 8, 2002 where both teams enter the…
Doesn’t really sound like extreme rules is worth watching
Dolphins trick plays are terrible
RT @ProFootballTalk: Chargers WR Mike Williams just told me the game-winning TD started as a running play. The goal was to chew some clock…
WNBA fans remind me of hockey fans. Always yelling at people to watch their sport. Leave us alone man.
Right or wrong nobody cares about the WNBA and the rest is just a blatant lie lol
@haynes_uno Please like my sport vibes
RT @mikal_bridges: Never betting on the Steelers ever again. This is 2 weeks straight man
RT @ChargersMemes: It’s fucking awesome to have a smart head coach that will go win games instead of just trying not to lose them.
RT @JamesPalmerTV: Chiefs announced Andy Reid was feeling ill, so he did not address media out of caution. I can confirm he left the stadiu…
I forgot about this shit lmao
RT @RealFRamirez: #Chargers coach Brandon Staley says “we wanted to leave the ball in Justin Herbert’s hands. We wanted him to be the game…
@The___RAD He might have just been used wrong the entire time smh
I wanna personally thank CJ Mosley for what he just did
So many teams are disasters this year it’s a good time to be a hater