southsackhy (@southsackhy)

Shit lasted 7 mins 🤣 I take it back , they WACK !!!!!!!
Like can the bitch walk 🤣
My upstairs neighbors stay humping , the way that bed frame be thumping above my head; I know damn well her cat torn to smithereens 🤣🤣🤣
RT @o_keilani: What’s funny is once sis started matching Joe’s energy he didn’t like her anymore 💀
Them soul ties real afff , have you addicted to a nigga with average dick and mediocre conversations . Be safe out there ladies 👏🏽🤣
I be judging any Winco that ain’t Elk Grove 🥴
When the fuck do you heal from grief , I be thinking I’m good one day then BOOM depression the next . Shit ain’t linear at all .
RT @DragonflyJonez: They really believed this man was gonna build a 30 foot high, 2000 mile long wall. With Mexico's money.
You can’t say SHIT to black folk about them Obama’s honey 👏🏽
RT @IAMNJERA: Hair, LAID. Waist, CINCHED. Fit, BIG DRIP - my forever First Lady did not come to play.
RT @abbyreigns: dear online stores, if it’s sold out take it off the fucking website.....thank you
Same sis , I knew it was gone be a problem when I started vacuuming the hallway with no clothes on 🤣👏🏽
Sex is nice but have y’all ever scratched finally that itch that been bothering you under that frontal . I damn near seen the Lord ✨🙏🏽