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RT @haemjjitokki: doyoung and his adorable habits & adorable way of speaking ;~; https://t.co/PzTVH7PQn1
RT @seulyien: no one asked but here's doyoung and jinyoung singing best part together ❤️ https://t.co/mH8JuHdl4T
RT @day6official: DAY6 Young K, ‘키스 더 라디오’ DJ 100일 맞이 "만족도 10000퍼센트" https://t.co/1CCOQkDXCv #DAY6 #데이식스 #YoungK #키스더라디오
plotting the sem in google calendar,,,, i wanna cri hahahahsdfjahdsfa
@doielovexx yup! i've been looking for a while bc of the red suit and finally found one T_T
doyoung access card finally came home!! (i'm still in class tho so will take pictures later)
RT @WayV_official: WayV_‘Kick Back – The 3rd Mini Album’_Concept Images(Hitchhiker Ver.)1 ⠀ #WayV #WeiShenV #威神V https://t.co/YK47I42s3y
@doielovexx the date says july 7 2020 :> you didn't miss anything dw
good thing i have more than half of day6 albums (the rest are on the way too!) https://t.co/x7O2qC7duk
i can already feel the pain of this 3-month sem and that was just one class,,,,, help
RT @theseoulstory: Spotify shares, due to expiration of existing licensing agreement with Kakao M, they are unable to provide song catalogu…
RT @C4Z93: the leaders 😭 2NE1 - CL SNSD - Taeyeon KARA - Gyuri 4Minute - Jihyun this whole thing feels like a fever dream https://t.co/g