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RT @bootvt: i love ranboos response to scary things . ex: him getting jumpscared and then talking abt how he doesnโ€™t understand homophobiaโ€ฆ
this is like the 3rd 5.3 earthquake of the week chile goin feral ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
RT @cat0pal3: New TW list for Ranbooโ€™s Little Nightmares 2 stream - - - - - a ๐Ÿงต(pls rt)
RT @brainrot_bot: 'how am i feeling today?' is 'tired' an option? you could choose 'loved'
if the big one happens tonight twitters gonna be the first one to know ๐Ÿ‘
gotta love them earthquakes
RT @MILLIIEonaire: canโ€™t believe iโ€™ve gotta bring back the dan video buuut here we are
next, i will link educational threads! also poc oomfs and noomfs, promote your c4shรกpps, v4nm0s, etc in the replies :]
also if tear gas is thrown at an area where theres a lot of people, and you have the right equipment, try to help tโ€ฆ
tattoos or anything that could be recognizable - if youre on the front lines, try to use something hard as a shielโ€ฆ
- abt tear gas, water can make it worse! lemon and vinagre can be used for this:] your first instinc might be to ruโ€ฆ
as theres a chance that protests might be happening in the us, heres a few tips if needed:] - if tear gas is throwโ€ฆ
these dogs are taken care of tho! during protests, people would give them water, give them protective equipment andโ€ฆ
after protests became a gigantic thing in chile in 2019, the memory of matapacos came back and he became a giganticโ€ฆ