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@DeeristDandy i simply believe my pre trans self never existed and ignore posting any photos of it, it's good
RT @GravelInstitute: 1,100 Alabama mine workers have been on strike for over 4 months. There has been almost no coverage of the strike in a…
god as much as i love apex it's getting really tiring playing battle royale i seriously pray they throw a better ar… https://t.co/lexmKsEjHV
it's actually getting super infuriating that respawn has gave no news on fixing titanfall 2. i want to see SOMETHING from them already
i cant see mug rootbeer anymore without my silly brain saying "mug moment"
RT @fractalcounty: I probably sound like a horrible person for this, but I never touch those tweets where people plug their cashapps for th…
@fractalcounty i usually boost and care about them if it's someone i know or someone that clearly isn't a random faking it