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Gebru suspected they were sock puppets, fake profiles created for the sole purpose of harassment, since many had poā€¦ https://t.co/6B7pT8htwm
RT @STILLTish: Do some research into outcomes before we pathologised ā€œ gender non-conformityā€. There is no diagnostic technique that idenā€¦
@benryanwriter @MForstater @sullydish It's not complicated. There are 2 sexes as you know. Regardless of how anyoneā€¦ https://t.co/4qGYWIFrng
RT @MForstater: @benryanwriter @sullydish The question here though is about female sports categories and whether males should be able to plā€¦
RT @MForstater: @benryanwriter @sullydish I'm not trying to catch you out, but if you agree that sex is what matters for sport then does thā€¦
RT @kaywarn50794642: @gina_scot @StoatlyL @megawhelmed That's the crux of it, isn't it? We have the Equality and Human Rights Commission, tā€¦
RT @gina_scot: @StoatlyL @megawhelmed Stonewall needs to be driven out of all public bodies and there should be strict rules about lobby grā€¦
RT @StoatlyL: Please sign @sexmattersorg call for a public enquiry into ā€œStonewall Lawā€ #SexMatters #ReclaimingWomen #WomenSeizeTheDay htā€¦
RT @StoatlyL: The House of Commons is no longer a member of the Stonewall Diversity Champions Programme. The HoC paid Stonewall Ā£,7924 onā€¦
RT @TheCurran73: I'd argue that it's the male ppl & straight ppl who, by redefining oppressed groups of women & gay ppl that cannot be opteā€¦
RT @TheCurran73: When males & straight ppl redefine women & gay ppl to include themselves, we who object aren't oppressors jealously gatekeā€¦
@robjessel Sorry Rob. From what I have seen, predators don't stop unless made to, if he has access to children todaā€¦ https://t.co/Z8pdUEGBVh
RT @STILLTish: Labour and gender identity | Mumsnet ā¦@Keir_Starmerā© ā¦@UKLabourā© Just in case anyone is puzzled about why you are trailing tā€¦
@for29years Brilliant. Glad for your mum and family to have her that wee bit safer. 3 weeks till she gets most of the benefit.