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Current status: Waiting for a cloud to start a process. 6 minutes and counting.
"Purely functional" *peeks behind the curtain*
Some of the worst documentation I have ever seen, in its entirety: "pkgs.mkShell is a special kind of derivation th…
Today's struggle: Should I touch the fingerprint reader or the Yubikey.
@Jerub Well that sounds like an even cheaper operation.
To this day it confuses me that starting cloud VMs is a multi-minute operation. I've had <10 second local VMs for y…
Current level of javascript ecosystem: Commented-out code breaks the build: <script lang="ts"> // /^\$\s*/ </scrip…
Current level of javascript ecosystem: `error: Unknown command "make:migration". Did you mean command "make:migration"?`
go ruin .
git branch -m maim
Getting used to Deno has interesting hiccups. Forgetting to put the CDN name in every import when porting code from…
New @FrameworkPuter laptop, at 85% battery, haven't optimized settings yet: "5h remaining". Run `cargo build`: "1h remaining". #lolrust
It's 2021 and somehow SQL query pretty-printing is still an unsolved problem.
Computer Vision mischief malware: When webcam is on, detect eye blinks. Detect faces on screen, briefly overlay the…
In case you for some implausible reason didn't already think that GoDaddy was scammy: I am receiving spam to an ema…
State of technological advancement in 2021: I am currently using 3 computers as paperweights.
Today's git typo: `git --git-git=/path/somewhere/.git`. If I say it three times in front of a mirror (clone), I am one?
If there's something I hate more than three-letter acronyms, it's TLAs where the last element is a TLA.
git apple <foo.diff
$ cat cat: -: Resource temporarily unavailable Next up, writing a command-line utility to make stdin *not* non-blocking.