twistedleafs (@twistedleafs)

@sallywalllyy Honestly i know it sucks losing a friend but thats his problem not yours. Says a lot about someone’s…
@sallywalllyy Lmfao pretty sure he’s got something with me too, he’s hard to read.
@canucksprayoffs thats exactly what i mean, you’re not salty you’re just continuing to take digs at my team as if i…
@canucksprayoffs Idk i commented on a video that was posted without accurate context, and you came for my head but…
@prettygirlbrock Im sorry i like many others were shown a video with an incriminating tone that we reacted to without knowing full context.
@canucksprayoffs So much animosity, sorry you’re having a bad day
@shayamariexo This is the correct answer thank you 🥲
@Moezyy_H I didnt know we were in lockdown in 2019
@willymarner If winning and feelings of euphoria drive you to destroy, you got something serious wrong with your brain.
@syd_kham @StanleyCup No the personification of a fucking trophy is beyond childish
@StanleyCup @syd_kham Stop tweeting. Please stop tweeting.
Do you know what the definition of “pushing to the brink” is? Bc it implies the exact opposite of what you’re sayin…
Habs fans need to remember none of this would be possible without Tomas Tatar.
@acadarian Dont put that picture in my head