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@Christianwculv1 @zmanbrianzane I mean it’s a taste in music lol! I like rap so I don’t mind it
@Christianwculv1 @zmanbrianzane Let’s be respectful it’s Wale
@UzumakiKawaki6 @liliemwah Oh I concur I’m just talking about the landscape of the Arc. There’s moments it’s suppos… https://t.co/kl4nrx0Brc
Don’t y’all complain that a certain wrestler rides the coattails of her father, now y’all want the same deal? Lol… https://t.co/46RSL8AqPJ
@liliemwah Yeah this Arc was actually referenced in the Manga so I’m glad you’re watching! It’s a fun ride, not to… https://t.co/e4niz3QrrX
You see it’s all capppp, also remember the War is essentially a “Saga” that houses a few Arcs! It incorporates all… https://t.co/4owf8xksyx
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RT @AllThingsBRC: “That’s when URL gave you the formula, for you to stroll by.. Now with the Pot he (potty) trained.. But he against someon…
@nahfaust Who gives a fuck 😂😂 you could be 30 it’s a cartoon
@ZhorahLucis @ForneverWorld That’s lowkey unheard of
@sugaskcushi Please stop. You’re too grown to be on Twitter talking about Cartoon.😂😂😂
@nahfaust Please stop it. It’s a show! Get a life and get off of Twitter 😂😂
@JalenMoore17 @KaioKnuckles Big cap! Pain Invasion Clears
@GoodMicWork 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂